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Create a fully decentralized profile in seconds to all of your content online! Visit dLinks for more information.

dLinks lets you create a fully decentralized profile to all of your content online. This kind of application has typically been difficult to build, and deploy. However, anyone with a Handshake domain now has immediate access to a site near impervious to being taken down.

Should anything happen to you on one platform, everyone can be certain that your dLinks has the most accurate info about where to find you next.

dLinks could not have been built without a blockchain development ecosystem pushed forward by teams like Sia’s. And it marks an inflection point in the evolution of that ecosystem as development is exponentially easier now than it was even four months ago. That trend will only continue.

Web 3.0 is now here. It’s accessible. And we’re excited to see what you all develop next. In the meantime, join us on the new web, and set up a dLinks profile for any or all of your domains. Share it with friends, and let’s grow this movement

  • Build on Web 3.0 without code
  • Create your dLink in seconds
  • Censorship-resistant

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