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DoH, or DNS over HTTPS, is a protocol that encrypts DNS queries for added security and privacy. It protects your browsing data from potential eavesdropping and manipulation. By using DoH, you can enjoy a safer… Read More »DoH


ShakeStation is an alternative marketplace to Namebase for Handshake domains, offering a simple and straightforward interface. With, users can easily navigate the platform and access a variety of Handshake domains available for registration, management,… Read More »ShakeStation

How to Claim a Name

If you own a name in the existing root zone, or the Alexa top 100k, or you reserved your name through a trademark claim, it is waiting for you on the blockchain. You are able… Read More »How to Claim a Name


Handshake’s decentralized approach to the domain name system (DNS) could potentially overcome some of the limitations and issues associated with ICANN’s centralized system. Here are a few ways Handshake aims to do this: Decentralization: By… Read More »HNS vs ICANN

Twitter Bots

Twitter bots

We’ve curated a list of the best Handshake Twitter bots that you can follow. Watch real time marketplace sales, SLDs registrations, registered dSLD’s, emoji sales, progress toward the next halving, claimed airdrop, circulating $HNS supply… Read More »Twitter bots


Expiring domains

HNS TLD’s set to expire HNS: http://hns.nameboard/domains/expiring DNS: HNS: http://x/piring DNS: