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Introducing the latest Handshake DNS service, a revolutionary approach to secure and efficient internet communication. In a digital landscape where privacy and reliability are paramount, our service stands out by integrating multiple nodes to guarantee… Read More »HNS DoH

Handycon 2024

Join us at Handycon 2024, the 4th Annual Handshake Conference, March 13-15. Explore the forefront of decentralized domain names with industry leaders and enthusiasts. [/caption]With 30+ speakers and 20 sessions covering topics like domain name… Read More »Handycon 2024


The Happening

The Happening event, slated for early February 2024, is poised to be a landmark opportunity in the Handshake (HNS) ecosystem, akin to a gold rush for investors and builders. When Handshake launched in February 2020,… Read More »The Happening



DoH, or DNS over HTTPS, is a protocol that encrypts DNS queries for added security and privacy. It protects your browsing data from potential eavesdropping and manipulation. By using DoH, you can enjoy a safer… Read More »DoH


ShakeStation is an alternative marketplace to Namebase for Handshake domains, offering a simple and straightforward interface. With, users can easily navigate the platform and access a variety of Handshake domains available for registration, management,… Read More »ShakeStation

How to Claim a Name

If you own a name in the existing root zone, or the Alexa top 100k, or you reserved your name through a trademark claim, it is waiting for you on the blockchain. You are able… Read More »How to Claim a Name