Subdomain gifting

You can gift subdomains for free under any of your TLDs. Recipients will have access to dLinks, and can set up Handshake Login under your domains with more features coming soon. Gift a subdomain now.

Handshake Ambassadorship

Handshake launch

Handshake is launching! 2020/2/3: Handshake mainnet launch. HNS coins can be mined but other transactions are disabled. Namebase will also launch at the same time. 2020/2/17: All Handshake transactions are enabled. You can now claim… Read More »Handshake launch

Handshake Ambassadorship

Decentralizing DNS

Meet Handshake: Decentralizing DNS to Improve the Security of the Internet
Handshake can make the internet more secure by providing a distributed alternative to Certificate Authorities (CAs) and making domain names censorship-resistant, seizure-resistant, and tamper-proof.
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