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Register your .TNI domainnames now

.TNI is the decentralized domain extension for all people fighting for The New Free Internet.
Register your .TNI domainnames today and show your support for the new internet.
As one of the 22 first released Handshake TLD’s, these domains will become collector items in the future. One more chance to buy domainnames like it’s the 90’s.

– Support the development of The New Internet.
– Perfect for business startups.
– The cheapest decentralized domainnames.
– Reach a global audience.
– Host your website or workspace.
– Use your name to receive crypto.


Payment Methods:

– Paypal
– Creditcard

Trademark Eligibility
A trademark holder can apply for their corresponding domain name, and the domain name must be an exact match. The trademark holder does not need to provide evidence upon initial registration, but they may be asked to provide evidence in the future if their claims come into suspect or if another trademark holder lays claim to the same name. If they cannot prove that they own a valid registered mark for their domain name then the name may be confiscated from them.

Valid registered marks:

A registered trademark is a nationally or regionally (i.e. multi-nationally) registered mark on the principal or primary register in the mark’s jurisdiction.
The trademark must have national effect and be registered at the time it is submitted for verification.
The following are not considered valid registered marks:

Trademark applications
Trademarks registered by a city, state, province, or sub-national region
International trademark applications made via the Madrid system unless the underlying basic trademark registration has national effect
Registered marks that were subject to successful invalidation, cancellation, opposition, or rectification proceedings
A trademark holder can apply for their corresponding domain name, and the domain name must be an exact match.

This registration is not used to protect brand names. Handshake is an experimental peer-to-peer root DNS
These domains do not resolve on regular DNS sites. Use HNS.TO to access Handshake names.

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