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Uncensorable Internet Browser

HandyBrowser will go live. It’s a way to access the uncensorable internet ecosystem made possible through the Handshake Network, as well as anything else you would normally search for.

Revolutionizing web browsing is one of blockchain’s most championed use cases, and has attracted competing players with varying levels of success. Namecoin, an early fork of Bitcoin, tried to turn web search into a type of transaction. It saw little traction. Meanwhile, the Brave browser, which rewards users for their attention, now has 13.5 million monthly users. Even IBM filed a patent to get in on the game.

The Handshake protocol is a decentralized system to reroute web traffic and provide true ownership over websites and domain names. It works by creating an alternative to the internet’s naming convention, the Domain Name System (DNS).

Often called the internet’s phonebook, the DNS is really more like a telephone operator that connects human-legible names to their machine-friendly counterparts. Using a network of servers, the DNS “translates” a URL, like, into its standardized IP address, like

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